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Competition Training

Individuals looking to compete in professional or amateur competitions will work with our trainers to build their boxing skills and their endurance. Experienced fighters are also welcome to use the gym on their own.

Fitness Training

Boxing provides a high-intensity workout. An intense one-hour workout can burn up to 1000 calories. Our trainers will teach you boxing techniques while keeping you inspired, and encouraging you to push yourself to the next level.

Our Premiere Boxing Club

One of the premier boxing clubs on the East Coast, Mendez boxing trains professionals and amateurs, boxers and individuals looking to get and stay in shape. All of our trainers are skilled professional and amateur trainers with over 30 years of fight experience.

Total-Body Conditioning

Boxing workouts that target every muscle group and get your heart rate in the right zones to shred fat and build lean muscle.

Technical Training

Learn what to do and why, an ongoing process that keeps you engaged and makes working out fun.

Interval Training

Our workouts occur in continuous 3 minute intervals to keep sweating and moving throughout your workout.

Best boxing in NYC

We are the premier boxing gym in NYC having trained champion boxers and athletes.

Our Pricing

We offer 3 pricing plans to handle any athelete's needs.

On Your Own


Unlimited Training
No contract
Free month with 6 month signup

With a Trainer


Unlimited Training
No contract
Free month with 6 month signup

Private Training


One-on-one personal training
Professional Trainers
Package deals available

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Hand Wraps

Hand wraps provide saftey from tweaking your hand, knuckles or wrist when hitting the bag or sparring hardcore.


Glove Rentals

Gloves provide a thickness of padding and the overall design makes them the best choice for sparring in the ring.